I suck at blogging, but…

I seem to be doing okay at weight loss this time around.  Weight Watchers is doing it for me, man.  I am digging their new SmartPoints program.  I’ll weigh in tomorrow.

I’m not going to be a daily blogger.  It’s just not in me, especially with a family, side jobs, main job, dissertation, and other things getting in the way.  I envy those of you who can do it; I am not one of you.

But I’m not going to quit.  I’ll try to post here at least once a week, probably on Fridays, with my weigh-ins.  And I’m leaving it up because from time to time, I will want to write something, and this is where I’ll do it.

I still have Stellar Path, too, but that is a blog my my wife and I are going to share about lesson plans, education, and home schooling.  I’m working in my off-time to write some lesson plans that I’m going to provide on Teachers Pay Teachers, and that’s what Stellar Path will become.  I plan to move some of those posts from there that I don’t want to move to here, so you may see some oldies show up from time to time.

See you around!

Probably tomorrow, because I do plan to weigh in tomorrow.

Product Review: Nalgene!

Okay, I had a different product planned to review, but we ended up not eating said product this week, so it’ll have to wait until next week.

But, I have pledged to blog every day this month, so for today, I am reviewing Nalgene!

I don’t think this is a product that needs introduction, but if it does, it’s a water bottle brand that is pretty much indestructibe.

I bought this particular Nalgene in 1996 during my first semester in college.


Over the last twenty years (and it has been used regularly over the last 20 years), the only problem is that the Western Kentucky University writing on it has faded.  I consider that pretty impressive.

It still seals tight and functions fantastically.  Even the plastic top is still going strong.

Nalgene will pretty much always be my water bottle of choice.  It’s dishwasher safe, it can survive abuse, and it’s just sturdy.  I’ve dropped this on the ground more than I can count, including pavement and concrete, and while there are some scuff marks, it still works beautifully!

Twenty years down.  I’m kinda curious now to know just how long this bottle will last me!

One-Photo Wednesday: The Skull Beret Today

Last Wednesday, I showed you the cosplay Henry and I did as Bulk and Skull.

Today, I’m showing you the Skull beret that Tina made for his cosplay.  My favorite part: Jason Narvy actually drew the question mark block on it, which is a staple of the Skull beret.

One Halloween, I found a cheap skull at Big Lots.

The skull beret sits on the fake skull in my office.  I love it; it reminds me of my son, Power Rangers, and just having a good time.


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