Day #019 – “Date Night,” Eye Exams, and Too Much Junk

On the first Friday night of every month, we get a date night at our church.  As part of the date night, we have to volunteer about once every six to eight months and be the parent volunteers on said date night, and tonight, our number came up.  So we didn’t have a date night, but we did hang out with our kid and a bunch of other kids at church.

Because of that and the other chaos of the day (for a day where nothing happened, it seemed like the day still got away from us), we didn’t get around to StrongLifts today.  We’ll make sure we pick it up tomorrow, along with an extra bout of cardio, if I can swing it.

The diet wasn’t great today, but I’m not sweating that, either.  I’m still in my points.  I’m just going ot make sure I eat plenty of veggies this weekend to offset the rather vegetable-free menu I’ve been enjoying this week.


Henry had his eye exam today, and he did great.  We just dropped $600 between his eye exam and Tina’s glasses, and we still have my glasses to pay for.  Man, being blind is expensive.

It is currently Saturday afternoon, and we’re about to do StrongLifts.  I’m hopeful that next week, we can have our regular Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts.

I’ve also eaten pretty poorly today.  I’ve been hungry.  And now, I can look back at my diet and see tons of carbs and processed food.  Is that what has been making me crave even more junk?  You’d think I’d learn, wouldn’t you?


Points (76/34) 76
Turkey sandwich (8) 68
Chips (5) 63
McDouble without ketchup (12) 51
Dr. Pepper (12) 39
Turkey sandwich (8) 31
Chips (10) 21
Chips and salsa (5) 16
Cucumber (0) 16
Watermelon (0) 16
Nectarine (0) 16
Green juice (0) 16
Turkey and provolone panini (12) 4
Potatoes (4) 0
S’more (6) -6
Cherries (0) -6