Day #018 – Homemade Pizza, VIPKID Quiz Done, and Eye Doctor

My treadmill workout tonight was another incline HIIT workout to MMPR, Season 3 episode, “Stop the Hate Master, Part 1.”  I think I can feel that my speed is less of a challenge, so I may eke it up 0.1 mph next time I work out.  I want this to stay challening, and right now, the speed is starting to feel a little slow.


I passed my VIPKID quiz!  Next step is my mock class #1, which I have scheduled for Monday afternoon.  That means I have plenty of prep and studying to do this weekend.

Today was a pretty slow day.  I did have an eye doctor’s appointment today, and my vision decreased only slightly but otherwise, it was a good report.


Points (76/37) 76
Homemade pizza (40) 36
Watermelon (0) 36
1 slice of pizza (5) 31
Banana (0) 31
BLT (20) 11
Pineapple (0) 11
Kettle chips (6) 5
Dark chocolate (8) -3