Day #015 – Happy Fourth of July!

While I just had the greatest weigh-in ever, that also resulted in me losing two more points.  Ack!  Oh well.  If that’ll get me to goal quicker, I’ll learn to do without.  (I often have a few – and sometimes a lot – of points left over anyway.)

I’ve still got some stabby gut pain going on, but it is better.  I feel like I’m 75% well.  As such, I’m skipping StrongLifts today.  I still did my cardio, doing a HIIT workout, but I didn’t feel like I had the weight workout in me.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, and if not then, Wednesday.  My treadmill HIIT incline workout was to the episode “Passing the Lantern” of MMPR, Season 3.


Happy Fourth of July!  Today was a relatively lazy day.  Southcentral Kentucky was full of rain today.  It’s a shame; the high was 78 today, but it rained all day.  (Of course, this is probably why we had a low temperature.)  It wasn’t as big of a deal for me as most people; I’m not that outdoorsy anyway.  I do enjoy fireworks, but we never buy any.  We live in a good neighborhood (we are by far the poorest family on the block), so just by sitting on our front stoop, we’re always treated to a great free fireworks show.

That’s pretty much it, really.  Have a good holiday!


Points (76/42) 76
2 chicken fajita burritos (14) 62
Dark chocolate (4) 58
Cherries (0) 58
Brat on bun (9) 49
Twice-baked potato (4) 45
Bologna (5) 40
Hot dog (5) 35
Pork shoulder (3) 32
Chips and dip (7) 25
Green beans (0) 25
Bread (4) 21
Small slice of peach dump cake (18) 3