Day #013 – Stabby Pains, Early Church, and a Banana Split Sundae

We had guests over tonight, which is always pleasant.  It’s always nice when Henry has a friend to play with.

Unfortunately, as the night has progressed, I think I am not feeling well.  I have a very stabby gas pain in my gut, and I am also freezing.  I don’t get cold, ever, so this is a sign that I may have a little bug.  I don’t feel that bad otherwise, just kind of puny, so hopefully I can knock this pretty quickly.


I feel better as of Sunday, but I’m still not well.  The intense coldness is gone, but unfortunately, as is my norm when I’m sick, I just don’t feel like doing much of anything.  And while I’m willing to eat pretty much whatever (I am definitely not worrying about my number of vegetables today, for instance), I’m still counting points.  I am very hopeful that I’ll still see a great number on the scale tomorrow, too.  This week, despite this illness, has just felt better.

I volunteered to run the soundboard at the 8:15 church service this morning, and if I hadn’t done that, I would have stayed home today.  I slept terribly last night.  TMI – but if you’re reading a blog, you are probably okay with that.  I woke up every hour with some pretty stabby gas pains.  So yeah, this gut pain is not nausea, for which I am very grateful, but I feel like something is working my colon with a knife.  They’re still there.  I hope they’ll leave by tomorrow, because I’d really like to continue StrongLifts.

Tina and I made some homemade banana splits not too long ago.  It wasn’t cheap at 18 points, but I only have one more day of this week left and I still have 34 weekly points left.  I wanted it, I can afford it, so I made it.

But doesn’t this look amazing?  I lightly sauteed half a banana in 1 t. butter and 2 t. brown sugar (3 points).  The rest is just 2/3 cup of chocolate ice cream (12), strawberries (0), and a drizzle of chocolate syrup (3).  It was amazing.

Points (78/34) 78
2 chili cheese dogs (18) 60
Corn on the cob (4) 56
Potato chips (2) 54
Potato salad (4) 50
Chocolate chip cookie (12) 38
Coffee with creamer (3) 35
Ice cream (12) 23
2 chili dogs (16) 7
Kettle chips (8) -1
Homemade banana split chocolate sundae (18) -19