Day #012 – MMPR:TM 22nd Anniversary, More Parallel, and Rainy Saturday

We finished our first week of StrongLifts!  Tina said my squats are getting much closer to parallel.  I have decided that as soon as I can consistently squat parallel, I’ll start adding light weight (as in dumbbells) and work up to the bar.  I want to up my squat game, but I’m glad I’m doing it this way, because I couldn’t have done parallel with even a 45 pound bar on my back.  I’ll also admit, I’m pretty excited about my bench press going up.  I’ve never had a very strong upper body, and I’m looking to change that.

On June 30, 1995, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie came out.  This movie (which I saw in theaters three times) is what turned me into the Power Ranger fan I am today.  When I picture the Power Rangers, even though they were spandex, I see them in the armor they wore in this movie.  (And not the new movie, which while awesome, is not how I picture the Rangers.)  This is the endgame of the Ranger Project – me cosplaying in original MMPR:TM Blue Ranger armor.  (Other than, you know, me getting healthy and living longer.  That’s important, too.)

Anyway, we watched it tonight.  Tina has never seen it, and because she’s a good wife, she watched it with me.  That’s not to say she didn’t have a bit of a running MST3K commentary on it throughout.  “They just skydived, and now they’re rollerblading?  This is the most 90s movie I’ve ever seen.”  “Why are they all wearing white?  Seriously, every single Power Ranger is wearing white.”  (She’s right – I had never noticed.)  “Who’s the pig?  He’s not on the show, right?  His mask is terrible.”  But hey, she’s willing to watch the first Power Rangers movie with me on a Friday night.  I think my wife (of almost seven years now) is a keeper.


We have friends coming over on Saturday night, so today was spent getting ready for that.  Nothing else more interesting to report, I’m afraid, other than some monsoon-type rains that pelted us all afternoon.

I love rainy summer afternoons if I don’t have to go anywhere.  Let it rain!


Points (78/38) 78
9 small slices homemade pizza (45) 33
Peach (0) 33
Dark chocolate (4) 29
Nectarine (0) 29
Bacon cheeseburger (11)` 18
Chips and salsa (7) 11
Honey nut cheerios and skim milk (15) -4