Day #010 – Deadlifts & Veggies

Wednesday night is breakfast night!  We cooked some Tortilla Land tortillas and filled them with scrambled eggs, chopped ham, and cheese.  It’s amazing how something so simple can be so good.  I ate a bigger burrito than Tina (because I have WAY more points than her).  And we also cook a big pot of steel cut oatmeal, which I consistently eat with brown sugar and cinnamon.

We also did StrongLifts tonight.  This was our second workout.  Tonight, we did BW squats, 45 pound overhead lift, and 95 pound deadlifts.  (The others were 5×5, but deadlifts are only 1×5.)  I also did the treadmill at 2.5 mph and eight degree incline to The Ninja Quest, Part 2 of Power Rangers, Season 3.

I only got in two veggie servings tonight, but I’ll make it a point to eat three more tomorrow.


I’m also coming to the realization that I’m still not drinking enough.  I’m going to do my very best to drink at least a gallon of water today.  Some days it seems to come easily to me, and some days it is a struggle.  I’m sure I would both feel better AND perform better if I drank more.

We’re having some friends over on Saturday, and I want to grill out.  I think this is the last summer for our grill.  Despite keeping it under a good grill cover, it’s just about seen its last meal.  I’m debating if I want to fill up the propane tank to see if I can use it the rest of the summer or just give it up.  I’m also tempted to just switch to charcoal, because I do think meat tastes better cooked on charcoal.

Veggies didn’t easily happen today, but I still got them in with a big salad to the rescue.  This is definitely a reminder to me that I need to keep greens on hands at all times.


Points (78/42) 78
Ham, egg, and cheese burrito (12) 66
Brown sugar steel cut oatmeal (8) 56
Homemade yogurt/pineapple popsicle (1) 54
Chips and salsa (6) 48
Carrot (0) 48
Nectarine (0) 48
Ham and cheese with horseradish (7) 41
2 Applegate chicken brats (10) 31
Nectarine (0) 31
6 oz. hamburger with 1 oz. cheese (15) 16
Big salad with greens, carrots, tomato, one slice of ham, and 1 T. ranch dressing (7) 9
Dark chocolate (7) 2
Popcorn cooked in 1 t. Olive oil (6) -4