One-Photo Wednesday: The Skull Beret Today

Last Wednesday, I showed you the cosplay Henry and I did as Bulk and Skull.

Today, I’m showing you the Skull beret that Tina made for his cosplay.  My favorite part: Jason Narvy actually drew the question mark block on it, which is a staple of the Skull beret.

One Halloween, I found a cheap skull at Big Lots.

The skull beret sits on the fake skull in my office.  I love it; it reminds me of my son, Power Rangers, and just having a good time.


One-Photo Wednesday: Bulk and Skull Cosplay

A few years ago, Henry (my son) and I cosplayed as Bulk and Skull at Lexicon.  We got to meet the actors who play Bulk and Skull (Paul Schrier and Dr. Jason Narvy), and they were both pretty impressed with Henry’s cosplay, especially.  (Side note: Paul Schrier did say I had the best Bulk cosplay he’d ever seen, but he’s such a nice guy, I wouldn’t doubt that he tells everyone that.)

It was the first of many amazing interactions I’ve gotten to have with the Power Rangers cast at conventions.  While we don’t have any conventions on our radar for this year (due to budgetary reasons only), I know we will definitely have more in the future.

And while Bulk is awesome and I will always hold a warm spot in my heart as my very first cosplay, I have my eyes set on a little more superhero-y cosplay in the future.