Day #013 – Stabby Pains, Early Church, and a Banana Split Sundae

We had guests over tonight, which is always pleasant.  It’s always nice when Henry has a friend to play with.

Unfortunately, as the night has progressed, I think I am not feeling well.  I have a very stabby gas pain in my gut, and I am also freezing.  I don’t get cold, ever, so this is a sign that I may have a little bug.  I don’t feel that bad otherwise, just kind of puny, so hopefully I can knock this pretty quickly.


I feel better as of Sunday, but I’m still not well.  The intense coldness is gone, but unfortunately, as is my norm when I’m sick, I just don’t feel like doing much of anything.  And while I’m willing to eat pretty much whatever (I am definitely not worrying about my number of vegetables today, for instance), I’m still counting points.  I am very hopeful that I’ll still see a great number on the scale tomorrow, too.  This week, despite this illness, has just felt better.

I volunteered to run the soundboard at the 8:15 church service this morning, and if I hadn’t done that, I would have stayed home today.  I slept terribly last night.  TMI – but if you’re reading a blog, you are probably okay with that.  I woke up every hour with some pretty stabby gas pains.  So yeah, this gut pain is not nausea, for which I am very grateful, but I feel like something is working my colon with a knife.  They’re still there.  I hope they’ll leave by tomorrow, because I’d really like to continue StrongLifts.

Tina and I made some homemade banana splits not too long ago.  It wasn’t cheap at 18 points, but I only have one more day of this week left and I still have 34 weekly points left.  I wanted it, I can afford it, so I made it.

But doesn’t this look amazing?  I lightly sauteed half a banana in 1 t. butter and 2 t. brown sugar (3 points).  The rest is just 2/3 cup of chocolate ice cream (12), strawberries (0), and a drizzle of chocolate syrup (3).  It was amazing.

Points (78/34) 78
2 chili cheese dogs (18) 60
Corn on the cob (4) 56
Potato chips (2) 54
Potato salad (4) 50
Chocolate chip cookie (12) 38
Coffee with creamer (3) 35
Ice cream (12) 23
2 chili dogs (16) 7
Kettle chips (8) -1
Homemade banana split chocolate sundae (18) -19


Day #012 – MMPR:TM 22nd Anniversary, More Parallel, and Rainy Saturday

We finished our first week of StrongLifts!  Tina said my squats are getting much closer to parallel.  I have decided that as soon as I can consistently squat parallel, I’ll start adding light weight (as in dumbbells) and work up to the bar.  I want to up my squat game, but I’m glad I’m doing it this way, because I couldn’t have done parallel with even a 45 pound bar on my back.  I’ll also admit, I’m pretty excited about my bench press going up.  I’ve never had a very strong upper body, and I’m looking to change that.

On June 30, 1995, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie came out.  This movie (which I saw in theaters three times) is what turned me into the Power Ranger fan I am today.  When I picture the Power Rangers, even though they were spandex, I see them in the armor they wore in this movie.  (And not the new movie, which while awesome, is not how I picture the Rangers.)  This is the endgame of the Ranger Project – me cosplaying in original MMPR:TM Blue Ranger armor.  (Other than, you know, me getting healthy and living longer.  That’s important, too.)

Anyway, we watched it tonight.  Tina has never seen it, and because she’s a good wife, she watched it with me.  That’s not to say she didn’t have a bit of a running MST3K commentary on it throughout.  “They just skydived, and now they’re rollerblading?  This is the most 90s movie I’ve ever seen.”  “Why are they all wearing white?  Seriously, every single Power Ranger is wearing white.”  (She’s right – I had never noticed.)  “Who’s the pig?  He’s not on the show, right?  His mask is terrible.”  But hey, she’s willing to watch the first Power Rangers movie with me on a Friday night.  I think my wife (of almost seven years now) is a keeper.


We have friends coming over on Saturday night, so today was spent getting ready for that.  Nothing else more interesting to report, I’m afraid, other than some monsoon-type rains that pelted us all afternoon.

I love rainy summer afternoons if I don’t have to go anywhere.  Let it rain!


Points (78/38) 78
9 small slices homemade pizza (45) 33
Peach (0) 33
Dark chocolate (4) 29
Nectarine (0) 29
Bacon cheeseburger (11)` 18
Chips and salsa (7) 11
Honey nut cheerios and skim milk (15) -4


Day #011 – Ninjetti, Pasta Primavera, and Grocery Shopping

I did another HIIT incline workout on the treadmill while I watched Ninja Quest III from MMPR, Season 3.  This was a fun episode; in it, the Rangers got their new Ninja power, which comes with these new snazzy Ninjetti suits.

Sadly, this means the days of unmorphed fights are over for a while.  (They wear hoods over their faces when they fight as Ninjetti on the show.  This photo is from the first movie.)

For dinner tonight, I made a pretty killer chicken pasta primavera dish that was 100% clean and decently light.  (I ate 2 servings, so if you’re wondering why I’m calling a 20 point dish light, well… it was actually 10, and I could have gone lighter.)  I’ll share a recipe next time I make it.  I might even make a video.


Pretty much every Friday, we go grocery shopping.  We used to go every two weeks, and while we saved money, we also felt like we were missing out on sales.  I decided to start the strategy of going once a week, maximizing grocery store sales, and seeing if I could keep up with the savings.  Our strategy is that if we forgot to buy something, then we just do without it until the next time we go.

Our reason for that is that if we go into a grocery store for anything, it can easily become a $20.  Only allowing ourselves to go once a week permits us to eat really well and really cheaply, if we’re smart and strategic.

Today, we spent $60 on groceries, and I won’t have to step foot in a grocery store again until next Friday.  It’s working for us so far!


Points (78/38) 78
Chicken and veggie pasta primavera (20) 58
Dark chocolate (4) 54
Nectarine (0) 54
Grapes (0) 54
Bologna (5) 49
Chicken veggie pasta primavera (18) 31
Burgers, no bun (10) 21
⅔ c. of ice cream (12) 9


Day #010 – Deadlifts & Veggies

Wednesday night is breakfast night!  We cooked some Tortilla Land tortillas and filled them with scrambled eggs, chopped ham, and cheese.  It’s amazing how something so simple can be so good.  I ate a bigger burrito than Tina (because I have WAY more points than her).  And we also cook a big pot of steel cut oatmeal, which I consistently eat with brown sugar and cinnamon.

We also did StrongLifts tonight.  This was our second workout.  Tonight, we did BW squats, 45 pound overhead lift, and 95 pound deadlifts.  (The others were 5×5, but deadlifts are only 1×5.)  I also did the treadmill at 2.5 mph and eight degree incline to The Ninja Quest, Part 2 of Power Rangers, Season 3.

I only got in two veggie servings tonight, but I’ll make it a point to eat three more tomorrow.


I’m also coming to the realization that I’m still not drinking enough.  I’m going to do my very best to drink at least a gallon of water today.  Some days it seems to come easily to me, and some days it is a struggle.  I’m sure I would both feel better AND perform better if I drank more.

We’re having some friends over on Saturday, and I want to grill out.  I think this is the last summer for our grill.  Despite keeping it under a good grill cover, it’s just about seen its last meal.  I’m debating if I want to fill up the propane tank to see if I can use it the rest of the summer or just give it up.  I’m also tempted to just switch to charcoal, because I do think meat tastes better cooked on charcoal.

Veggies didn’t easily happen today, but I still got them in with a big salad to the rescue.  This is definitely a reminder to me that I need to keep greens on hands at all times.


Points (78/42) 78
Ham, egg, and cheese burrito (12) 66
Brown sugar steel cut oatmeal (8) 56
Homemade yogurt/pineapple popsicle (1) 54
Chips and salsa (6) 48
Carrot (0) 48
Nectarine (0) 48
Ham and cheese with horseradish (7) 41
2 Applegate chicken brats (10) 31
Nectarine (0) 31
6 oz. hamburger with 1 oz. cheese (15) 16
Big salad with greens, carrots, tomato, one slice of ham, and 1 T. ranch dressing (7) 9
Dark chocolate (7) 2
Popcorn cooked in 1 t. Olive oil (6) -4


Day #009 – Ninja Quest, Crappy Smoothies, and Continuance Materials

I bought a lot of 80/20 ground beef at Meijer the other day, and I am cooking a bunch of it up now.  It’s a little pricey, points-wise, as it comes out to about 2 points per ounce cooked.  However, it was cheap, I can cook up a ton of burger sliders in my cast iron skillet to stash in the fridge, and for several days in a row, I’ve got ready-to-go protein for lunch or a snack.

On the exercise front, thank goodness that Masked Rider crossover ep nonsense is done.  Oy, that was a slog.  There shouldn’t be another crossover until the Ninja Turtle episode of Power Rangers in Space, and that’s still several months away for me.  Today, I got to start the first real episode of season three, Ninja Quest Part 1.  I did HIIT with my incline.  I set my speed low, at 2.5, and I used the commercial breaks that were originally in the show to determine my incline.  So the opening credits were 1 degree, the first segment was 8, second segment was 12, third segment was 10, fourth segment was 15, and the closing credits were back down to 1.  (I had a trainer once tell me you should always set the incline to at least 1, because an incline of zero is actually like walking downhill since the treadmill pushes you.)  It definitely made me sweat more than walking even at a faster pace but at the same incline the entire time.  I also like that I can play around with the incline, so each day will be a slightly different workout.  Hopefully, this will keep my body from getting used to this cardio.

And yay, StrongLifts tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a new workout, but I’m excited to keep progressing.  

I know I’m only one day into this new week, but I feel confident that I’m going to see a big loss on Monday.

I also had a pretty crappy smoothie after dinner.  I have this Cocoa flavored greens powder which is supposed to replace your veggie requirements.  While I don’t believe that, it is full of antioxidants and so forth and the ingredient list is quite clean.  Besides, I have it, so I thought I may as well use it.  It gave my smoothie a dirty chocolatey flavor.  I also ate some strawberries and I threw the greens from the top of the strawberries in, too, because I’ve heard some stupid bloggers say that you can put the strawberry tops in a smoothie and they taste great.  Well some people are stupid.  They were awful.  I choked that nasty mess down, but believe you me, I will not be making another smoothie like this one.  Yuck.


As mentioned previously in this post, I cooked almost six pounds of hamburger in my cast iron skillet.  I cleaned it this morning, and I think I got a little too aggressive with my cleaning because I stripped some of the seasoning off.  Rather than have my nice fried eggs for breakfast, I had scrambled eggs.  No worries; the eggs were tasty and I cleaned my skillet again and slathered it with a pretty healthy coat of bacon grease to get the seasoning back.  I used to hate cooking in cast iron for this very reason, but now that I know how to clean and season it, it’s no big deal.  I actually prefer it, which I never would have said even six months ago.

I came in to the office today to finish my continuance materials.  It’s one of the things I have to do to keep my job.  Basically, I reflect on the last year and anticipate the next year.  It took a few hours, but it also really showed me just how much we actually accomplish

Also, I went digging in the freezer for lunch to bring to work with me, and I found a plate I froze a few weeks ago of chicken and tons of vegetables.  It wasn’t the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten, but it was a crap ton of vegetables.  I definitely got them all in today!  (Even if they weren’t that good.)

Still feeling good about this week.  My goal is to see 399.8 at least on the scale this week.  I am tired of weighing over 400 pounds!


Points (78/42) 78
Small baked potato with butter and sour cream (6) 72
Hamburger with cheese (no bun) (10) 62
½ c. macaroni and cheese (5) 57
Strawberries (0) 57
Skim milk smoothie with banana, greens, greens powder, and strawberry tops (4) 53
Dark chocolate (3) 50
2 fried eggs (5) 45
2 slices of ham (2) 43
Chicken and roasted veggies (16) 27


Day #008 – Treadmill Again, StrongLifts, and Yard Work

We started StrongLifts tonight!  I am starting out extremely low, mostly so that Tina and I can at least lift the same weights for a while.  I also want to perfect my form.  I see guys saying they can do X in a bench press, but they barely lower the bar.  I’m doing bar to chest, so that means I’m starting at just the bar (45 pounds) to ensure I keep solid form.  Yeah, it was super easy today, but I’m sure it’ll get harder in no time.

I will admit that I am doing bodyweight squats, and I probably will for a long time.  I broke my knee a year ago, and frankly, I’m not ready to do weighted squats yet.  I know that I would baby the movement and certainly not go butt-to-grass.  Given that I’m morbidly obese and haul this body around on these legs all day long, I’m pretty confident that I have decently strong leg muscles, so until bodyweight squats feel easy with perfect form (and by the end of the fifth set, they didn’t feel easy), I’m not risking weight.  I know there are StrongLift purists out there who say you can never modify the workout, but whatever.  I am.  So Tina and I both did bodyweight squats, 45 pounds on the bench press, and 65 pounds on the barbell row for 5×5.  Afterwards, I did twenty minutes on the treadmill at 2.5 mph and 10 degree incline.  It felt good to work out again.


I also managed to get in some yard work today, which always sucks.  I hate outside.  I am apparently mosquitoes’ favorite flavor of human, because they always get me.  It’s a shame; today is a gorgeous day.  The high here is around 80 degrees, so except for the mosquitoes, it was a good day to get some yard work done.

I’m feeling pretty pleased about the last 24 hours.  I counted all of my points, splurged a bit, but I still got in my five vegetables servings at least.  And I got to exercise again, which was wonderful.


Points (78/42) 78
Steak and chicken quesadilla (15) 63
Carrot with 1 t. Ranch dressing (1) 62
Chips and salsa (6) 56
⅔ c. of ice cream (11) 45
Bologna sandwich on homemade bread (14) 31
Nectarine (0) 31
Chicken sandwich (19) 12
Honey sriracha chicken lettuce wrap (4) 8
Tomatoes (0) 8
Popcorn with olive oil (5) 3
Grapes (0) 3


Day #007 – A Not as Bad as I Feared Weigh-In

I at least managed to get in four good servings of veggies tonight.  My smoothie, made with skim milk, a banana, and carrot pulp from where Tina juiced earlier was astoundingly good!  It was also a great, easy way to get in three veggie servings at once.


Today’s blog post may be a weird one.  It’s probably going to be close to a stream of consciousness-type entry.  It’s Monday morning right now.  In about two hours, I go weigh-in.  I’m not hopeful that I’ve lost at all, and I’m trying not to let that beat me up.  I know that you can have a good week and the scale still not show it for a variety of reasons.  It doesn’t even mean that I haven’t lost fat; it just means I haven’t lost weight, which is admittedly a different thing.  It’s if it happens more than one week in a row that it’s a concern, right?

Oy.  I’m ready to see what the scale says.


Okay, I weighed in, and it wasn’t as bad as I had feared but it also wasn’t as good as I had hoped.  I weighed in at 403.4, which is a gain of 0.6 pounds.

Yeah, it sucks, but what do I do?  Give up?  Not a chance.  I’ll just try to do better this week.

In other news, I think I’ll continue to blog daily for another week.  I don’t anticipate doing this forever (or heck, maybe I will), but I’m at least going to do it for now.


Points (78/23) 78
Steak and cheese quesadilla (14) 64
Chips and salsa (5) 59
2 fried eggs on homemade bread (9) 50
Purple Cow Party Pop (2) 48
Smoothie with banana, skim milk, and carrot pulp (5) 43
Chicken sandwich (18) 25
Yogurt (8) 17


Day #006 – Cracker Barrel, Veggies, and Weigh-In Worries

My mother-in-law brought us dinner from Cracker Barrel tonight.  Except for the biscuits, I feel like it was a pretty healthy meal.  The only problem with eating at Cracker Barrel is that they don’t publish their nutritional information, so the biscuits are what I hope is a high estimation.  (I found a source that said they were 5 points each, so I’m going a little higher since I’m just not sure.)  They were pretty small.

I’m not counting mashed potatoes and corn as veggies, though, so I ate some tomatoes on pasta and some salsa with chips for three veggie servings.  I can do better; I should have just ate some carrots, but at the same time… I have the points.  Why not use them?  Except that I’m eating really carb-heavy food, and that just makes me crave more carbs.  It’s a vicious cycle; I should really make protein and fat my go-to for snack foods.


After church, we came home for lunch.  I seldom eat breakfast on Sundays; I also slept in.  I got nearly 10 hours of sleep last night, but I think I was catching up from my foot injury sleep deprivation.  

I’m working on getting in five servings of vegetables today.  I had tomatoes and salsa last night which counts for three, and after lunch, I had the world’s largest carrot which counts for two.  (Maybe three.  Seriously, this thing was huge.)

Tina also made some juice today, so I have about two cups of pulp.  I hate to let pulp go to waste, so I may make a smoothie with it tonight.

I’m still nervous about weigh-in on Monday.  Despite fitting in my points, I just don’t think I’ve done well.  I’m trying not to beat myself up over it.  Even if I haven’t eaten the best, I have stayed in my points.  This work will show up on the scale eventually.  And it might show up tomorrow; I just don’t know yet.


Points (78/23) 78
Grilled chicken (3) 75
Mashed potatoes and corn (9) 66
Biscuit (15) 51
Nectarine (0) 51
Pasta with tomatoes (10) 41
Banana (0) 41
Chips with salsa (6) 35
Homemade bread club sandwich (18) 17
Part of a bubu lubu bar (3) 14
Peach (0) 14
Gigantic carrot with 1 t. Ranch (1) 13


Day #005 – Pineapple Cores, Happy Foot, and Salsa for Veggies

It’s Friday night in the Logsdon abode, and we almost always do the same thing every Friday night – homemade pizza and a movie!  We love pizza, and at some point, I’ll share the recipe for this super easy, fairly light crust that Tina makes.  We cook it in cast iron, and it has the greatest flavor.  Best part – we’re eating pizza without too many chemicals, because all this crust has in it is flour, olive oil, water, and salt.  (Admittedly, the pepperoni we put on top probably negates the lack of preservatives, but I’ll take when I can get.)

I cored a pineapple today, and we have this amazing metal corer that makes it so insanely easy.  And I had some bananas sitting on the counter that had way more brown spots than I like, so I decided to make some soft serve.  If you don’t know what that is, you freeze bananas, put them in a food processor, and blend until it turns creamy.  It tastes like banana and it feels like soft serve ice cream in your mouth, and best part – it’s zero points!  I also froze the pineapple core and tossed it in with the banana, and it made it a little more tropical.  It was very fibrous, because it was the core of the pineapple, but it was delicious.  I know now what I’m going to do with every pineapple I buy; I’m making ice cream with the core!  Previously, it just went into the trash.

Some Weight Watchers purists say you shouldn’t count banana softserve as free because it’s too easy to overeat.  And while I do get that logic, it’s also a crap ton of trouble to make, so you aren’t going to overeat it.  I ate exactly one banana and half of a pineapple core in my serving.  It got some unprocessed food in my body, along with plenty of fiber.  I call that a win.  It’ll probably start showing up in my daily food logs a lot.  It was so good and satisfying, and it really addressed the dessert part of my brain that wants me to eat sweets every night.


As I write this sentence, it is now Saturday morning, and I think my foot is healed!  Oh, I am so tempted to do some light treadmill work today!  I’m not; I don’t want to risk a repeat of this injury, but dang, I am missing it.

I’m also afraid that I won’t see a loss on the scale this week.  

I do know one thing I need to do that could help.  It’s actually two parts.  For one thing, I need to eat WAY more vegetables.  I’m lucky if I get two servings a day.  And two, I graze too much.  I need to limit myself to only eating at mealtimes with one snack and I need to eat more vegetables.  So, starting tonight, I’m going to eat (over the course of my WW day) dinner, snack, breakfast, and lunch.  I’ll also make sure I get at least three veggie servings at dinner and two at lunch, even if I’m just peeling a few carrots to eat.

Oh, and salsa!  How could I forget salsa!  Half a cup is a serving of vegetables, and it’s always cheap.  We buy it at Meijer for $1 a bottle.

I used twelve points of my weekly allotment, which leaves me 23.  I’ve followed the program and stayed within my points; I just haven’t eaten the best foods this week.  I’m trying to be hopeful I’ll see a loss, but if I don’t, then I know I just need to up the exercise (carefully), up my veggies, and eat better to make it happen.  I won’t let it beat me, regardless of what the scale says.


Points (78/35) 78
Homemade Friday night pizza (40) 38
Homemade banana and pineapple core “soft serve” with a little dark chocolate (2) 36
Leftover shrimp pasta primavera (8) 28
Dark chocolate (3) 25
2 nectarines (0) 25
Oatmeal (5) 20
Tricuits (5) 15
Tuna salad with hard boiled egg (6) 9
Homemade bread BLT (15) -6
Tortilla chips with salsa (6) -12


Day #004 – Glowing Crosses, Foot Pain Reduced, and a Weight Bench

Exciting news; my weight bench has arrived!  But as I explained in yesterday’s post, I’ve been benched.  Until my foot has been pain free for a few days, I’m not allowed to work out.  So it’ll just sit there, looking nice and shiny in the corner of my dining room, while my stupid body continues to heal.

Henry finished Vacation Bible School tonight.  He had a blast this week, and he got this cool cross necklace that is made of glowsticks.  I think he thinks it’s a glow-in-the-dark cross, so I’m not sure how happy he’ll be about it in the morning when it has completely lost its juice.  (And this kid, who has the most handsome smile when he’s laughing or having a good time, just can’t do anything but cheese when the camera comes out.)

I know that I should be eating better foods, especially when I can’t even exercise to help offset any bad choices, but I am craving absolute garbage right now.  We need to stop buying it; those toasted marshmallows were DELICIOUS, but I’m not sure if they were actually worth five points.

Part of my cravings for processed, carby food is also my injury.  I need to tough through it.  Growing pains.  Progress not perfection.  And other such cliches.


I actually slept last night!  I still have a little foot pain when lying down, but it is greatly reduced.  I even had the great idea, “I can exercise by Saturday night!”  However, I have ultimately decided to wait until Monday.  My foot hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep; I’m not going to risk a reinjury right away, so a weekend of healing time should be good for me.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, my weight bench has arrived and Tina and I put it up this morning.  It was super easy; I’ll review it proper when we’ve had a few weeks of use behind us.  For now, it’ll just sit there and wait for Monday night when we start the StrongLifts program!


We also worked our way a bit more through our Universal Yums box.  Every month, we get a box of snacks from some different country.  This month, it was Mexico, and while this hasn’t been our favorite month, it has still had some tasty food in it.  Today, we tried a snack made of peanuts and sugar called De La Rosa Mazapan.  To my surprise, this was in Weight Watchers eTools, so I was actually able to track it!

I’m still working on trying to clean up my eating.  I have a long way to go.  I dipped into my weekly points today, but I have plenty left for the weekend.  I really want to make a push to eat well this weekend so I can see a loss on Monday at the scale.


Points (78/42) 78
Shrimp and veggie pasta (11) 67
Merci chocolate (10) 57
Nectarine (0) 57
Toasted marshmallows (5) 52
Triscuits (5) 47
Tuna salad with boiled egg (6) 41
Leftover Stovetop Stuffing (3) 38
Thick cut bacon BLT on homemade bread (17) 21
2 chicken fajita burritos (12) 9
Open-faced bologna and cheese sandwich (11) -2
Hard boiled egg with balsamic drizzle (2) -4
Strawberries (0) -4
De la roza mazapan (3) -7


1 2