Day #011 – Ninjetti, Pasta Primavera, and Grocery Shopping

I did another HIIT incline workout on the treadmill while I watched Ninja Quest III from MMPR, Season 3.  This was a fun episode; in it, the Rangers got their new Ninja power, which comes with these new snazzy Ninjetti suits.

Sadly, this means the days of unmorphed fights are over for a while.  (They wear hoods over their faces when they fight as Ninjetti on the show.  This photo is from the first movie.)

For dinner tonight, I made a pretty killer chicken pasta primavera dish that was 100% clean and decently light.  (I ate 2 servings, so if you’re wondering why I’m calling a 20 point dish light, well… it was actually 10, and I could have gone lighter.)  I’ll share a recipe next time I make it.  I might even make a video.


Pretty much every Friday, we go grocery shopping.  We used to go every two weeks, and while we saved money, we also felt like we were missing out on sales.  I decided to start the strategy of going once a week, maximizing grocery store sales, and seeing if I could keep up with the savings.  Our strategy is that if we forgot to buy something, then we just do without it until the next time we go.

Our reason for that is that if we go into a grocery store for anything, it can easily become a $20.  Only allowing ourselves to go once a week permits us to eat really well and really cheaply, if we’re smart and strategic.

Today, we spent $60 on groceries, and I won’t have to step foot in a grocery store again until next Friday.  It’s working for us so far!


Points (78/38) 78
Chicken and veggie pasta primavera (20) 58
Dark chocolate (4) 54
Nectarine (0) 54
Grapes (0) 54
Bologna (5) 49
Chicken veggie pasta primavera (18) 31
Burgers, no bun (10) 21
⅔ c. of ice cream (12) 9