Whoops – I ate too much at snack time…

Tina and I are both doing the Fit Girl diet, Tina by the book and me slightly modifying it by incorporating more calories.  Tina is eating 1450 calories a day; since I’m a guy, I add about 500 extra calories.

Well, I messed up.  Willpower weakened this afternoon at work, and my eating plans for the day derailed.

Fortunately, they did not derail so much that they cannot be overcorrected.  Rather than eat one 140 calorie bag of chips, I ate three.

Ahem.  That’s too many.  So, I’m making up for that by eliminating the extra serving of protein I eat at dinner.

Is this the healthiest decision I could have made today?  Not by a long shot.  But I stuck to my diet.  Lose the battle, win the war.  That’s what I’m going for here.  And in strict calorie terms, I still won this battle.

Breakfast – frozen homemade ham and cheese burrito

Lunch – Almond butter and jelly sandwich, bag of chips

Mid-afternoon – 2 more bags of chips

Dinner – pumpkin lasagna rolls, apple

After-dinner snack – 1 hard-boiled egg, 60 calorie square of dark chocolate

We got this.

Oh, and the best part?  I lost seven pounds last week.

November 2, 2015

Weight: 416

Change from Last Week: –7.0 pounds

Change from All-Time Highest: –14.0 pounds

I feel like my week could have been better had I not splurged too much on my extra food at dinner.  I’m going to do my best to do better this week.

What I Ate Today

I don’t plan to do these regularly (I don’t think), but I will do them from time-to-time.  Maybe eventually these will morph into “A Day in the Life” style posts, but for now, this is what I ate today.  I’m pretty pleased with how on-track I’ve been since Tina has become a Fit Girl and is following their diet so religiously.  It just makes it easier for us to both eat better when we are both 100% bought in!

Before Church – 1 frozen, homemade, ham, egg, and cheese burrito (We made a big batch sometime ago and I’m working my way through them.)

After Church – spinach wrap chicken fajitas (leftovers from last night) with cheese and sour cream

Mid-afternoon – 1 piece of Halloween candy (a little Kit Kat – probably not worth it)

Dinner – Honey srirachi chicken and spinach pita pizza (we’ll post a recipe sometime – these are so amazingly good!)

After-dinner snack – 2 doughettes (roughly 90 calories each – made of oats, almond butter, and dark chocolate), 1 square of dark chocolate, 1 apple

I am super pleased with my diet today!  I could have eaten more veggies, but overall, a major improvement.

Our biggest victory?  Tina and I haven’t eaten out in over a week.  That is huge, both for our health and our debt.

And we also recorded a video for RainTree Productions today.