Happy Halloween, Fit Girls, and a New (sort of) YouTube Channel

I know Saturdays are where blog posts go to die, but given that very few people currently subscribe to my feed, I’m not too worried about that.

In any event, Happy Halloween!


We are going as Dr. Sherman, Darla, and Nemo from Finding Nemo this year.  We always try to do a family costume (at least until said point when Henry starts dictating what he wears.)


We’ve also recently started a YouTube Channel.  It’s at the same location as my old YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/jeremyray45), but we’re going to rebrand a bit.  We’re calling the whole thing RainTree Productions.  I have a surprising amount of Native American blood for somebody who is so shockingly white, and Raintree is the last name of one of my Cherokee ancestors on my mother’s side of the family.  We also plan to have subchannels, including one called The Ranger Project, where I do a video series describing our weight loss efforts.  Every Monday, we hope to post a video to that channel.

Last night, we made a video of our pumpkin carving efforts.  We also plan to do some general day-in-the-life type videos, both to share a window into our lives AND to have more videos of us to enjoy in the future.

And of weight loss efforts, it’s actually going great!  Tina started a diet called Fit Girls, and I’m doing a slightly modified (i.e. – more calories for my increased size) version.  Our first weigh-in is on Monday, but I fully expect to see at least a six pound loss this week.  Exercise is also going well.  I have some far-off, way-off, so-far-off-we-may-have-flying-cars plans to do an IronMan, but I’ll talk about that more in the future.  All I have to say right now is this – the idea of actually possibly finishing an IronMan is very motivational to me as I do my extremely low-level treadmill workouts right now.  (And I also expect to be at goal weight when I do this Ironman, so it truly is a way down the road.)

Okay, more to come.  Stick with us!  We’ve truly turned this into a family effort and I’m feeling exciting about everything the future holds!