Day #019 – “Date Night,” Eye Exams, and Too Much Junk

On the first Friday night of every month, we get a date night at our church.  As part of the date night, we have to volunteer about once every six to eight months and be the parent volunteers on said date night, and tonight, our number came up.  So we didn’t have a date night, but we did hang out with our kid and a bunch of other kids at church.

Because of that and the other chaos of the day (for a day where nothing happened, it seemed like the day still got away from us), we didn’t get around to StrongLifts today.  We’ll make sure we pick it up tomorrow, along with an extra bout of cardio, if I can swing it.

The diet wasn’t great today, but I’m not sweating that, either.  I’m still in my points.  I’m just going ot make sure I eat plenty of veggies this weekend to offset the rather vegetable-free menu I’ve been enjoying this week.


Henry had his eye exam today, and he did great.  We just dropped $600 between his eye exam and Tina’s glasses, and we still have my glasses to pay for.  Man, being blind is expensive.

It is currently Saturday afternoon, and we’re about to do StrongLifts.  I’m hopeful that next week, we can have our regular Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts.

I’ve also eaten pretty poorly today.  I’ve been hungry.  And now, I can look back at my diet and see tons of carbs and processed food.  Is that what has been making me crave even more junk?  You’d think I’d learn, wouldn’t you?


Points (76/34) 76
Turkey sandwich (8) 68
Chips (5) 63
McDouble without ketchup (12) 51
Dr. Pepper (12) 39
Turkey sandwich (8) 31
Chips (10) 21
Chips and salsa (5) 16
Cucumber (0) 16
Watermelon (0) 16
Nectarine (0) 16
Green juice (0) 16
Turkey and provolone panini (12) 4
Potatoes (4) 0
S’more (6) -6
Cherries (0) -6


Day #018 – Homemade Pizza, VIPKID Quiz Done, and Eye Doctor

My treadmill workout tonight was another incline HIIT workout to MMPR, Season 3 episode, “Stop the Hate Master, Part 1.”  I think I can feel that my speed is less of a challenge, so I may eke it up 0.1 mph next time I work out.  I want this to stay challening, and right now, the speed is starting to feel a little slow.


I passed my VIPKID quiz!  Next step is my mock class #1, which I have scheduled for Monday afternoon.  That means I have plenty of prep and studying to do this weekend.

Today was a pretty slow day.  I did have an eye doctor’s appointment today, and my vision decreased only slightly but otherwise, it was a good report.


Points (76/37) 76
Homemade pizza (40) 36
Watermelon (0) 36
1 slice of pizza (5) 31
Banana (0) 31
BLT (20) 11
Pineapple (0) 11
Kettle chips (6) 5
Dark chocolate (8) -3


Day #017 – Waffles, VIPKID Interview, and Fried Shrimp

I’m filming my VIPKID interview/demo class tonight.  I’m kinda lucky in that regard.  Tina had to do hers live at 5 a.m., but I have the option to record mine in their virtual classroom.  I’m doing that tonight around 11 p.m., after everyone else has gone to bed.  I’ve been practicing all day.  Fingers crossed!

Tina and I did StrongLifts, Workout B, today.  That one consists of squats, overhead press, and a deadlift.  Afterwards, I did my cardio incline HIIT workout on the treadmill to the PR episode “Fourth Down and Long.”


As I am typing these words, it is 11:25 PM and I just recorded my demo class.  I feel like I did pretty well.  This whole time, my fear was going too short.  I wanted to hit the seven minute mark, and I ended up going for seven.  I hope I did well!  Truth be told, I think I at least did well enough to move to the next stage of the process.  I’ll keep you updated!


I got an email this morning that I passed the interview!  Woo hoo!  I was given a few suggestions for how to improve, but my next step is to read the materials, pass a quiz, and then schedule my first mock class with a teacher mentor.  Woo hoo!

My parents came over to visit with us this morning, and they brought some popcorn shrimp for Long John Silver’s.  Henry ate one entire serving by himself and half of mine.  The kid is a great eater when it comes to fried shrimp.  (Not that I can blame him – that MSG-loaded stuff is awesome!)


Points (76/37) 76
2 Waffles (9) 67
⅛  c. of maple syrup (5) 62
3 slices of bacon (3) 59
V8 Energy Drink (3) 56
Baked potato with butter and sour cream (6) 50
Corn on the cob (4) 46
Bologna sandwich (8) 38
Cucumber (0) 38
Long John Silver’s shared serving of popcorn shrimp (5) 33
Triscuits (6) 27
Tuna salad (6) 21
GFS chicken and stuffing (8) 13
Nectarine (0) 13


Day #016 – Fourth Leftovers and Too Many S’mores

I finally feel about 98% better, but I’m still saving StrongLifts for tomorrow.  I’ll only do two workouts this week.  This is also an instance of me trying to live in the gray.  There’s a part of me that wants everything to be black or white.  If I can’t do StrongLifts perfectly, then I’m not doing it at all!  Or conversely, I’m doing it even if I’m sick!  Well, I’m not doing that this time.  Two days a week this week is fine.

And I still did my HIIT incline workout on the treadmill.  Today’s episode of the third season of MMPR was “Wizard for a Day.”


In an attempt to get some student loan debt paid off (and maybe buy myself a few dorky things), I’m applying to teach at VIPKID!  Tina already teaches there and loves it, so I’ve decided to give it a shot myself.  I’ll keep you updated.  I’ve submitted my resume, and my next step is the initial interview and demo class.  

I have been a little lax on my veggie and fruit intake since my bowel issues, and while I didn’t eat anything green on the actual 4th, I did eat TONS of peppers, tomatoes, and onions in my burritos for lunch.  

Still, despite eating this way over the 4th and 5th, I’m still exercising and doing well.  I monitor my weight on our scale at home, and it’s still slowly ticking it’s way down!  I did dip into my weekly points a bit, but I often tend to save those ‘til the very end of the week.  Why not use them lightly before?


Points (76/42) 76
Pork shoulder (8) 68
Potato salad (7) 61
2 s’mores (12) 49
Hash brown, ham, and cheese “waffle” (5) 44
Bologna (5) 39
Watermelon (0) 39
Chili verde kettle chips (5) 34
3 fajita chicken veggie burritos (22) 12
2 more s’mores (12) 0
Dark chocolate (5) -5


Day #015 – Happy Fourth of July!

While I just had the greatest weigh-in ever, that also resulted in me losing two more points.  Ack!  Oh well.  If that’ll get me to goal quicker, I’ll learn to do without.  (I often have a few – and sometimes a lot – of points left over anyway.)

I’ve still got some stabby gut pain going on, but it is better.  I feel like I’m 75% well.  As such, I’m skipping StrongLifts today.  I still did my cardio, doing a HIIT workout, but I didn’t feel like I had the weight workout in me.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, and if not then, Wednesday.  My treadmill HIIT incline workout was to the episode “Passing the Lantern” of MMPR, Season 3.


Happy Fourth of July!  Today was a relatively lazy day.  Southcentral Kentucky was full of rain today.  It’s a shame; the high was 78 today, but it rained all day.  (Of course, this is probably why we had a low temperature.)  It wasn’t as big of a deal for me as most people; I’m not that outdoorsy anyway.  I do enjoy fireworks, but we never buy any.  We live in a good neighborhood (we are by far the poorest family on the block), so just by sitting on our front stoop, we’re always treated to a great free fireworks show.

That’s pretty much it, really.  Have a good holiday!


Points (76/42) 76
2 chicken fajita burritos (14) 62
Dark chocolate (4) 58
Cherries (0) 58
Brat on bun (9) 49
Twice-baked potato (4) 45
Bologna (5) 40
Hot dog (5) 35
Pork shoulder (3) 32
Chips and dip (7) 25
Green beans (0) 25
Bread (4) 21
Small slice of peach dump cake (18) 3


Day #014 – The Greatest Weigh-In Ever!

I forgot to mention that I did walk to an episode of MMPR, Season 3, called “A Brush with Destiny” yesterday.  It was slow and on an eight degree incline, but that was it.  Both because I’ve exercised (at least walking) for the past six days and I’m not 100%, I skipped cardio for today.  I’ve got my fingers crossed I’ll feel well enough to do StrongLifts again tomorrow.  I’m excited to see how I keep progressing with my strength gains!

We have a few old boxes of ready-to-cook foods like Rice-a-roni in the pantry.  We cooked one tonight, and it’s seven points for a VERY small serving!  We’re going to use up what we’ve got, but I do not plan to buy stuff like this anymore.  A serving of rice that I cooked and seasoned myself would have been much healthier and leaner (and probably cheaper).


Well, I don’t know if it’s because I was a little needlessly bloated last week or if doing HIIT and starting StrongLifts did it, but I weighed in at 393.8 and lost 9.6 pounds this week!  That puts my overall weight loss at 40.2 pounds down!  Woo hoo!  I am very happy!

I want to keep that weight loss.  There’s a little part of me that is thinking, “Well, you might be down because of your stomach thing.”  I don’t think I am, for this reason – I kept eating WELL this weekend.  I didn’t stop eating, because it wasn’t a nausea stomach bug.  It was a stabby gas pain stomach bug.

My goal for next week is to keep that loss and add another 3.2 pounds to it, which will put me at my ten percent goal.  That’s ambitious, but I’m going to do my best!


Points (78/16) 78
Chicken club sandwich (11) 67
Potato salad (4) 63
Rice-a-roni (7) 56
Chocolate chip cookie (12) 44
Chili dog (8) 36
Dark chocolate (3) 33
Hamburger (18) 15
Fries (12) 3


Day #013 – Stabby Pains, Early Church, and a Banana Split Sundae

We had guests over tonight, which is always pleasant.  It’s always nice when Henry has a friend to play with.

Unfortunately, as the night has progressed, I think I am not feeling well.  I have a very stabby gas pain in my gut, and I am also freezing.  I don’t get cold, ever, so this is a sign that I may have a little bug.  I don’t feel that bad otherwise, just kind of puny, so hopefully I can knock this pretty quickly.


I feel better as of Sunday, but I’m still not well.  The intense coldness is gone, but unfortunately, as is my norm when I’m sick, I just don’t feel like doing much of anything.  And while I’m willing to eat pretty much whatever (I am definitely not worrying about my number of vegetables today, for instance), I’m still counting points.  I am very hopeful that I’ll still see a great number on the scale tomorrow, too.  This week, despite this illness, has just felt better.

I volunteered to run the soundboard at the 8:15 church service this morning, and if I hadn’t done that, I would have stayed home today.  I slept terribly last night.  TMI – but if you’re reading a blog, you are probably okay with that.  I woke up every hour with some pretty stabby gas pains.  So yeah, this gut pain is not nausea, for which I am very grateful, but I feel like something is working my colon with a knife.  They’re still there.  I hope they’ll leave by tomorrow, because I’d really like to continue StrongLifts.

Tina and I made some homemade banana splits not too long ago.  It wasn’t cheap at 18 points, but I only have one more day of this week left and I still have 34 weekly points left.  I wanted it, I can afford it, so I made it.

But doesn’t this look amazing?  I lightly sauteed half a banana in 1 t. butter and 2 t. brown sugar (3 points).  The rest is just 2/3 cup of chocolate ice cream (12), strawberries (0), and a drizzle of chocolate syrup (3).  It was amazing.

Points (78/34) 78
2 chili cheese dogs (18) 60
Corn on the cob (4) 56
Potato chips (2) 54
Potato salad (4) 50
Chocolate chip cookie (12) 38
Coffee with creamer (3) 35
Ice cream (12) 23
2 chili dogs (16) 7
Kettle chips (8) -1
Homemade banana split chocolate sundae (18) -19


Day #012 – MMPR:TM 22nd Anniversary, More Parallel, and Rainy Saturday

We finished our first week of StrongLifts!  Tina said my squats are getting much closer to parallel.  I have decided that as soon as I can consistently squat parallel, I’ll start adding light weight (as in dumbbells) and work up to the bar.  I want to up my squat game, but I’m glad I’m doing it this way, because I couldn’t have done parallel with even a 45 pound bar on my back.  I’ll also admit, I’m pretty excited about my bench press going up.  I’ve never had a very strong upper body, and I’m looking to change that.

On June 30, 1995, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie came out.  This movie (which I saw in theaters three times) is what turned me into the Power Ranger fan I am today.  When I picture the Power Rangers, even though they were spandex, I see them in the armor they wore in this movie.  (And not the new movie, which while awesome, is not how I picture the Rangers.)  This is the endgame of the Ranger Project – me cosplaying in original MMPR:TM Blue Ranger armor.  (Other than, you know, me getting healthy and living longer.  That’s important, too.)

Anyway, we watched it tonight.  Tina has never seen it, and because she’s a good wife, she watched it with me.  That’s not to say she didn’t have a bit of a running MST3K commentary on it throughout.  “They just skydived, and now they’re rollerblading?  This is the most 90s movie I’ve ever seen.”  “Why are they all wearing white?  Seriously, every single Power Ranger is wearing white.”  (She’s right – I had never noticed.)  “Who’s the pig?  He’s not on the show, right?  His mask is terrible.”  But hey, she’s willing to watch the first Power Rangers movie with me on a Friday night.  I think my wife (of almost seven years now) is a keeper.


We have friends coming over on Saturday night, so today was spent getting ready for that.  Nothing else more interesting to report, I’m afraid, other than some monsoon-type rains that pelted us all afternoon.

I love rainy summer afternoons if I don’t have to go anywhere.  Let it rain!


Points (78/38) 78
9 small slices homemade pizza (45) 33
Peach (0) 33
Dark chocolate (4) 29
Nectarine (0) 29
Bacon cheeseburger (11)` 18
Chips and salsa (7) 11
Honey nut cheerios and skim milk (15) -4


Day #011 – Ninjetti, Pasta Primavera, and Grocery Shopping

I did another HIIT incline workout on the treadmill while I watched Ninja Quest III from MMPR, Season 3.  This was a fun episode; in it, the Rangers got their new Ninja power, which comes with these new snazzy Ninjetti suits.

Sadly, this means the days of unmorphed fights are over for a while.  (They wear hoods over their faces when they fight as Ninjetti on the show.  This photo is from the first movie.)

For dinner tonight, I made a pretty killer chicken pasta primavera dish that was 100% clean and decently light.  (I ate 2 servings, so if you’re wondering why I’m calling a 20 point dish light, well… it was actually 10, and I could have gone lighter.)  I’ll share a recipe next time I make it.  I might even make a video.


Pretty much every Friday, we go grocery shopping.  We used to go every two weeks, and while we saved money, we also felt like we were missing out on sales.  I decided to start the strategy of going once a week, maximizing grocery store sales, and seeing if I could keep up with the savings.  Our strategy is that if we forgot to buy something, then we just do without it until the next time we go.

Our reason for that is that if we go into a grocery store for anything, it can easily become a $20.  Only allowing ourselves to go once a week permits us to eat really well and really cheaply, if we’re smart and strategic.

Today, we spent $60 on groceries, and I won’t have to step foot in a grocery store again until next Friday.  It’s working for us so far!


Points (78/38) 78
Chicken and veggie pasta primavera (20) 58
Dark chocolate (4) 54
Nectarine (0) 54
Grapes (0) 54
Bologna (5) 49
Chicken veggie pasta primavera (18) 31
Burgers, no bun (10) 21
⅔ c. of ice cream (12) 9


Day #010 – Deadlifts & Veggies

Wednesday night is breakfast night!  We cooked some Tortilla Land tortillas and filled them with scrambled eggs, chopped ham, and cheese.  It’s amazing how something so simple can be so good.  I ate a bigger burrito than Tina (because I have WAY more points than her).  And we also cook a big pot of steel cut oatmeal, which I consistently eat with brown sugar and cinnamon.

We also did StrongLifts tonight.  This was our second workout.  Tonight, we did BW squats, 45 pound overhead lift, and 95 pound deadlifts.  (The others were 5×5, but deadlifts are only 1×5.)  I also did the treadmill at 2.5 mph and eight degree incline to The Ninja Quest, Part 2 of Power Rangers, Season 3.

I only got in two veggie servings tonight, but I’ll make it a point to eat three more tomorrow.


I’m also coming to the realization that I’m still not drinking enough.  I’m going to do my very best to drink at least a gallon of water today.  Some days it seems to come easily to me, and some days it is a struggle.  I’m sure I would both feel better AND perform better if I drank more.

We’re having some friends over on Saturday, and I want to grill out.  I think this is the last summer for our grill.  Despite keeping it under a good grill cover, it’s just about seen its last meal.  I’m debating if I want to fill up the propane tank to see if I can use it the rest of the summer or just give it up.  I’m also tempted to just switch to charcoal, because I do think meat tastes better cooked on charcoal.

Veggies didn’t easily happen today, but I still got them in with a big salad to the rescue.  This is definitely a reminder to me that I need to keep greens on hands at all times.


Points (78/42) 78
Ham, egg, and cheese burrito (12) 66
Brown sugar steel cut oatmeal (8) 56
Homemade yogurt/pineapple popsicle (1) 54
Chips and salsa (6) 48
Carrot (0) 48
Nectarine (0) 48
Ham and cheese with horseradish (7) 41
2 Applegate chicken brats (10) 31
Nectarine (0) 31
6 oz. hamburger with 1 oz. cheese (15) 16
Big salad with greens, carrots, tomato, one slice of ham, and 1 T. ranch dressing (7) 9
Dark chocolate (7) 2
Popcorn cooked in 1 t. Olive oil (6) -4


1 2 3 7